Who loves their chosen career?

Recently I have been a lot quieter on social media and attending networking sessions. There is nothing wrong – just wanting to re-address the balance of working for myself. This has given me the chance to
• Give 100% to my current bookkeeping clients
• Give 100% to my potential clients – in forms of CPD, preparing new website
• Give 100% to family – one of the reasons becoming self employed
And finally
• Give 100% back to me!

Having time out doesn’t mean things are wrong, or not right…but for me in fact quite the opposite. It is about evaluating how far you have come, where you are now and where you want to head. It’s about making sure you do what’s right for you….what’s right for your family….what’s right for your business.

It’s honestly a fantastic feeling when you discover that what you do for others (provide bookkeeping services in my case) is where your business future lies…as I never

• Feel like it is a chore
• Have the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed in the morning
• Dread incoming emails
• Dread the workload ahead of me
• Dread the challenges ahead
• The same day twice!
• And finally, do not now fear the future unknown

How many can say that of their chosen career?

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